Seven Million Wonders

Walter Streightiff says it best when he says, “there are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of the child.  There are seven million.”

This toddler was absolutely enthralled with this little skink as it walked up his leg and over his hand and arm.  It was magical to observe this little boy watch with such delight and intent as the skink ran around.  No words were needed as he was immediately gentle and protective as he handled it, all the while checking with others through a knowing look that he was doing everything right.

As a centre that is close to the bush and nature, we often have visits from nearby wildlife (such as water dragons) and these visits provide such valuable learning opportunities for all our children.  So if you are looking for a centre that provides a wealth of different learning opportunities, whether they be planned or spontaneous, then come and see us at Creative Minds, Pimpama.  We are located very close to the Pimpama exit (exit 49) and therefore easily accessible from all directions.

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